Haris Stavridis hospitality consultant

Hospitality consultant HARIS STAVRIDIS

Hospitality consultant HARIS STAVRIDIS from Globe and Trotter

Unique concept: Hotel Baccarat in New York – USA

A lot of brands want to expand into the ‘lifestyle’ realm. To focus on experiences and to be more things to more people. It’s not easy and not everybody can do it.

‘Bienvenue à New York’…

I had the pleasure of visiting New York recently and was immensely taken aback by Hotel Baccarat. It’s not just the scale of luxury, where everything is so ‘grand’ in a very positively imposing way. The interiors, the smell. The ambience, the service. Every little detail seems to have been thought through so thoroughly. In a way that takes the brand even further. What I initially thought was going to be stuffy… The buttoned-down experience was one of the most excellent hotel experiences I’ve had. The music, the people with their superb professionalism. And their sense of humour. Everything was so well executed that when I left I was already looking forward to returning. Well done!

Unique guest experience: The Ekies Treehouse

Even though I’m not being very subjective as it’s a hotel I look after (it’s actually my oldest and fondest client), there’s something really magical about this place that makes the experience I’m describing below so unique.

The whole concept of Ekies All Senses Resort is based on a personal story. The owner, Alexandra Eftathiadou spent her summer holidays there as a child. When her family found out that the building was going to be demolished, they stepped in. They bought it and over the years and through hard work transformed it into the beautiful resort it is today. A lot of what makes the hotel so special is that ‘childhood’ magical touch that’s prevalent in all its aspects.

Back to the childhood

Adding to this ‘back to childhood’ concept is the Treehouse. A gourmet restaurant that takes favourite elements from our childhood. Who hasn’t fantasised about living in a treehouse as a child or has at least not created something like a fortress made of pillows? Creating a truly beautiful ‘comfort zone, while its award-winning chef Dimitris Pamporis creates dishes that are playful, imaginative and of course, super tasty.

For me, the older we get, the harder it is to find ‘safe’, careless spots in our everyday lives. Happy places where we can just be and enjoy the moment. Always connected and always disrupted by ‘noise’. We have forgotten all the small things that used to make us really happy. Like being close to nature, gazing at the stars with the calming songs of cicadas as our soundtrack. Devouring fruits we picked up ourselves from the nearby trees. The Treehouse. It’s one of those rare exceptions that takes me back to childhood in the most relaxing and delicious way. And this is one of the most precious experiences one can enjoy.

Haris Stavridis hospitality consultant
Hospitality consultant Haris Stavridis