Dita Guth The Talent Table Salotto Rosso

Culinary connector DITA GUTH

Culinary Connector DITA GUTH from Salotto Rosso

Unique concept: The Annex

The hospitality concept of The Annex in Geijsteren, Noord-Limburg draws its inspiration from The Talent Table which I founded in 2017. Here like-minded culinary curious people are hand-picked to participate in a one-night-only dining event in an underground, secret location in Amsterdam.
It is on this evening that an up-and-coming and innovative chef is featured. Given a platform to express him/herself without any constraints. Giving each guest a front-row seat to the future of food.

The Annex will take this concept one step further. It will offer a culinary getaway, where not only the young stars of the culinary world will be executing the entire weekend and giving Masterclasses. It also will allow guests to relax and retreat in the middle of 12,000 sq.m of nature in a unique restored mid-century luxury farmhouse.

Unique guest experience: Le Petit Chef

Le Petit Chef, founded by Belgian company Skullmapping, tells the story of a small animated chef who is projected onto diners’ plates and proceeds to ‘cook’ their food, on their plates in front of them.

Using 3D visual technology, the exploits of “Le Petit Chef” follow the travels of Marco Polo. Travelling from city to city where the two-hour show takes the diner along a culinary journey spanning the territories explored along the silk road.

Executed as a pop-up restaurant under the name Dinner Time Story, Marco Polo’s journeys to life on the pages of a book placed in front of each guest, and then on their crockery – with waiters carefully placing dishes and table decorations to fit around the animated scene.

Dita Guth The Talent Table Salotto Rosso
Culinary Connector Dita Guth